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Just Breathe 
Christy Carmen: 443.752.3579
Focused on freedom from addiction
Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 7pm in room 204



Above the Call Women’s Bible Study 
Mavis Castillo: 443.529.4911
Topics on healing from physical, emotional & mental abuse
Every 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Saturday at 5pm – Call for location



God is Able
Suzette Tucker: 443.845.8687
Discussing why God is able to do everything he said
he would do
Every Tuesday at 7pm in room 213



The Well of His Presence
Al Zaruba: 443.299.2937
To be watchful God chasers and laid down lovers of
what He is calling us to become in 2018
Every Tuesday at 7pm – Call for location



Loir McDaniel: 443.257.0331
Learn how to be set free from different forms of baggage
Every Tuesday at 7pm – Call for location



Sidewalk Sunday School 
Loir McDaniel: 443.257.0331
Experience hands-on, inner city children’s ministry
Every Thursday at 5pm – Call for location



LS Baltimore Outreach 
Loir McDaniel: 443.257.0331
Ministry team reaching at-risk communities
Every Sunday from 2:00-4:30pm – Call for location



Creative Women of God 
Margo Franz: 443.570.5815
Fulfilling God’s purpose in our lives through His creativity
Every 2nd Tuesday at 12 noon – Call for location



Super Savers Couponing Group 
Ann Holmes: 443.801.2896
How to save money with coupons in order to be a blessing
Every 3rd Thursday at 7pm in room 213



Men of Standard 
Earl Williams: 443.886.5279
Adresses areas that men in today’s culture are facing
Every 2nd Friday at 7pm in room 213



KidLife Team Small Group
Anna Pridgen: 443.886.5279
Bible study for those serving or interested in serving in KL
Every 2nd Friday at 6pm in the choir room



The Point Young Adults Small Group
Floryn Ajuzie: 443.804.9335
A Bible study for adults in their 20s & 30s
Childcare is provided
Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday at 7pm in room 214



Binding Up the Brokenhearted 
Charlene Smith: 443.591.5020
Private one-on-one Bible study with leader, dealing
with women who have had abortions



Shanéa Copeland: 202.230.6880
Making room for the Sabbath
Every Friday at 6:45pm in room 214



GeneSIS Restoring Women Book Club 
Tammie Goode: 410.952.0797
Reading together and holding meaningful discussions
Every other Saturday at 12 noon – Call for location



Israel 101
Lee Beck: 443.617.2457
Immerse yourself in our Jewish roots, biblical &
contemporary history of Israel
Every Wednesday at 7pm in room 213



Financial Peace University  
Joseph Walker & Charlene Brown: 443.996.2776
The financial class that will change your life
Every Wednesday at 7pm in room 214



Comunidad / Community  
Wili & Evelyn Marin: 443.601.9766
A group that fellowships in English and Spanish
Una comunidad que fraterniza en Inglés y Español
Every 2nd & 4th Thursday at 7pm in room 214



First Fruits  
Audrey Jackson: 240.863.1881
Spending the first, awakening moments with God
Conference call on MondayWednesday & Friday at 5am