Life Source Churches

Meet Our Team

Pastors Mike & Becki McDermott​
Lead Pastors​
Michael and Rebecca McDermott planted Life Source International Church in 1988 in a hotel room, and today Life Source is a fifteen acre, 1,500 seat campus, with campuses in the Baltimore, MD area as well as 40 churches overseas in the Philippines, Dominican Republic, South America and Africa. Our emphasis is a ministry environment where the Holy Spirit is in charge and the kingdom of God is manifested. We are dedicated to raising up the next generation of leaders and training them in an apostolic structure. Our global culture and mission is to bring “Hope and Freedom” to all people through Jesus Christ.
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Pastors Uriel & Becky Castrillon
Care Pastor / Hispanic Ministry Pastors/ Missions Director
Pastors Curtis & Charmaine Bridgeman​
Creative / Worship Pastors​
Pastor Anna Pridgen
Children's Pastor​
Euclides Bravo
Director of Media
Kaylin Graber
Administrative Assistant